75 Gifts That The Hardest To Shop For Will Actually Want

Nov 27, 2022

It’s no surprise that I *love* decorating with pops of the unexpected. Conversation starters, if you will. This also extends to gifting with something the recipient needs or would fit them perfectly, but they wouldn’t buy for themselves. Anything from an unusual lamp here, a vodka infusion kit there — the best part is surprising and delighting someone who seems like they already have everything. And they’ll be forever grateful you didn’t get them another candle or bath and body gift set they have to regift next year.

So this year’s theme is 75+ Gifts The Hard To Shop For Will Actually Want. They’re all sorted by budget, so no matter if you’re playing a White Elephant game or shopping for a V.I.P., there’s something for everyone. 

Also, a note on Amazon and shopping local—I try my best to shop local whenever and wherever I can. Keeping local communities going by investing directly into them is one of my personal missions in life. I am also aware we live in a captialist society where price, ease, and convenience often win out. Such is the case with this list. All the links below are affiliate links for Amazon, and I receive a small percentage from 0-4% of the sale price. If you’d like to use the links below and show your support, I’d be immensely grateful. If you’d prefer to use these ideas to find similar options in your local shops, please do! I’ll be mixing in some of my favorite items—affiliate link free— from local Nashville and St. Louis shops the rest of the holiday season to balance out Jeff Bezos getting another yacht.

Under $30

Glass Hand Jewelry Holder — 10.99

Perfect For: That person on your gift list who loves working with their hands, i.e. crafts, gardening, woodworking…etc. Or anyone who’s constantly losing their jewelry.

It’s interesting to look at, adds a pop of surprise to any vignette, and keeps their jewelry in one place while they’re off having grand adventures. 

MCM wood hooks — $11.99

Perfect For: First time renters or those on your list who live in small spaces/ always need more storage

Going vertical is a great way to get storage without taking up floor space. Plus, they go with damn near any decorating style.

Self Adhesive Wall Hooks — $11.99

Perfect For: Friend who’s experimenting with color in their space after going all in on the only gray and white trend for years

It’s just enough pop of color to add interest and isn’t so bold that it screams COLORFUL HOOKS at you when looking around the room. Plus, they’re self adhesive so they’re also perfect for the renter on your list. Or someone who isn’t tool friendly.

Zebra Jewelry Tray — $12.80

Perfect For: Animal print loving friends

Really this is a great stocking stuffer for anyone who needs help containing small valuables and also wants something that pops with their decor.

Elephant statues — $12.96:

Perfect For: Alabama Football fans who want to support their team without having the usual heinous sports merch all over the place

Aside from being a sleek styling accessory for shelves, the trunk can double as a ring holder!

Aerating Wine Stopper — $13.99

Perfect For: Wine “Likers”.

You know, those who like wine, but don’t LOVE wine so much that they drink the whole bottle the same hour they open it. Maybe it takes a week or so.

Now they have a conversation starter that keeps their wine fresh while they take their time with it.

Tea Towel — $13.99

Perfect For: College Students

You’ll be the cool aunt + uncle giving them a kitchen towel they can both use to actually clean up with and inspire them to go to class so they can graduate. Whatever you do, just don’t give out anymore cutesy eye-roll inducing tea towels to anyone over the age of 35.

Wood Cookbook Holder — $14.38

Perfect For: The person who’s transitioning their kitchen/house from farmhouse decor to organic modern and has to work with what they’ve got.

It blends in nicely with what they kept, but doesn’t scream FARMHOUSE in the same way a Rae Dunn coffee cup collection over a farm table does. 

Middle Finger Candle — $15.00

Perfect For: Anyone who loves to make a statement.

The best part? It speaks for itself.

Rotating Whiskey Glasses — $15.99

Perfect For: Cocktail lovers with ADHD.

The bottom has a slight bump in it causing the glass to tilt on it’s own or to be able to twirl around inside the coaster with the groove carved out. Having something to fiddle with to hold focus on other things is damn near a necessity for fellow ADHD-ers, and these will be sure to keep their focus on the conversation at hand.

Hanging Planters — $15.99

Perfect For: Plant people with limited counter space

Now they can grow even more plants they snipped from someone else’s plant for free without cluttering up their counters. Sure, you’ll an enabler, but at least it’s just plants.

Modern Proper Cookbook — $15.99

Perfect For: Instagram foodies.

Holly and Natalie’s blog is a go to when it comes to planning dinner nights. Now I’m excited to have it in easy to reference book format, with gorgeous pictures to boot!

Triangle Wall Mount Planter — $16.55

Perfect For: Design minded people who don’t have the patience to keep real plants alive.

These look great as a set on the wall with fake plants cascading out the top. Everyone loves an effortlessly chic and maintenance free gift.

Glass Candlestick Holder Set — $16.99

Perfect For: The host with the most.

What I love about these is how small they are. Each one holds a single candle stick so they’re easy to dress up with a fun table scape, or on a credenza with coffee table books, and then still look good solo + store away nicely when you inevitably lose said candlesticks. 

Mouth Candle — $16.99

Perfect For: People who like to decorate with their candles

You can’t always decorate with candles from places like Bath and Body works. This one provides stress relief, while providing a styling pop that will be sure to strike up interesting conversations.

Cigar + Whiskey Glass Holder — $16.99

Perfect For: your classic whiskey lover, probably a dude.

The ashtray is a definite upgrade from the crappy plastic one they’ve probably had for decades that they stole from that hole in the wall dive bar in college.

Unapologetic Cookbook — $17.93

Perfect For: Anyone looking to really gain clarity and control around what they put in their body. Or just want to be better at cooking from scratch.

It has excellent recipes for the building blocks of your favorite dishes so you can reconstruct them with more flavor and less crap. It’s less just a collection of recipes and more a how to on the basics of cooking.

Concrete Incense Holder — $17.96

Perfect For: People who love the smell of candles, but don’t want to mess with an open flame, or the typically ugly labels stores feel the need to slap on the side of candles.

Would it kill them to get better designers?

Plant Propagation Station — $17.98

Perfect For: Aspiring plant enthusiasts.

I’ve personally never been able to even keep a succulent alive (contrary to popular belief, they’re super easy to kill), but I hear instead of buying plants, you can snip pieces off someone else’s plant, stick it in water, and it will grow roots. Giving you your own plant for free. So really, this is the gift that keeps on giving free gifts. And it’s nice to look at. Who doesn’t love that?

Sound Wave Art — $17.99

Perfect For: The sentimental one.

Especially if they’ve lost someone important to them recently. 

Half Baked Harvest Cookbook — $18.49

Perfect For: Anyone who wants nourishing and decadent food, yet is always short on patience and time. Or fans of Tiegan’s instagram account which is another go-to for dinner inspo.

Black Wavy Mirror — $18.99

Perfect For: The creative with gallery ledge displays where everything leans against the wall so they can layer items.

Mirrors are great to layer with because the reflection bounces the light and brings the eye back to whatever else is being displayed on the ledge. 

Christmas Ice Cube Molds — $19.17

Perfect For: Coworkers you know are hosting multiple get together this year.

It’s better than another bath and body works gift set that’s going to sit in their closet for the next year until they regift it, and not so expensive that it says “let’s hang out outside of work.” They’ll love having something fun to whip out for their family Christmas party to make the drinks festive.

Milk Frother — $19.99

Perfect For: The coffee lover who wants their coffee with cream to feel indulgent without getting a full blown espresso machine.

I like to froth the cream up before pouring it in, then giving it an extra froth to mix it together. Coffee that feels bougie on a budget. 

Wood Serving Platter — $20.99

Perfect For: The perpetual host.

It’s got dimension. It’s got movement. And best of all it’s not a boring ceramic or wood rectangle that says “EAT” in Rae Dunn font.

David Blindfold Statue — $20.99

Perfect For: that person on your gift list who is a little artsy, a little weird, and appreciates the classics. 

Dessert Person cookbook — $21.11

Perfect For: The baker, or person who really wants to try their hand at baking.

This is hands down my favorite cookbook when it comes to desserts. There’s a gorgeous chart at the beginning of the book that plots each dessert in terms of length of time to create and level of difficulty, allowing the recipient to know exactly what they’re getting into ahead of time or challenge themselves accordingly.

Glass Bubble Vase — $21.99

Perfect For: That friend who won’t shut up about their trip to Paris 5 years ago and always insists on fresh flowers on the tables because “that’s the way they do it in France.”

At least now, they’ll be in an interesting vase. 

Record Storage Holder — $21.99

Perfect For: music loving friends, teenagers who are just discovering that vinyl is a thing, or really anyone who appreciates MCM design that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Cookbook Holder — $22.95

Perfect For: The cook who isn’t an octopus.

Who’s idea was it to have cookbooks not be lay flat without breaking the binding or having to move utensils all over it to hold the pages down? Not someone who’s trying to cook multiple things at once, that’s for damn sure. Plus, no one will mind having it out on the counter when it isn’t in use and it can serve double time as a way to display pictures.

Glass Candlestick Holder — $23.22

Perfect For: The hard to buy for because they seem to already always have the coolest stuff you never see anywhere else.

The shape of this candle stick holder is visually appealing all on its own, and the person who loves cool, interesting finds will have just the stuff to style it perfectly in their home.

Ravioli Rolling Pin — $23.48

Perfect For: That person on your list who loves a hand crafted experience/is always looking for ways to level up whatever it is they’re doing. Or again, anyone who loves to cook.

Handmade pasta just tastes better than store bought dried, and this gem makes making pockets of ravioli goodness SO EASY. The recipient will never have a reason not to cook for you again. 

Circular Candlestick Duo — $23.98

Perfect For: Your friend who thinks Joanna Gaines is *the* designer. Or anyone who’s into the candlestick trend.

They have complimentary sizing with an open silhouette making them incredibly versatile when it comes to styling across any room.

Glass Coffee Cup Duo — $24.99

Perfect For: New Grads Just Getting Their Own Place.

Because, let’s face it. No one else *needs* more coffee cups. Especially ones with tacky sayings. Let’s start off their new collections with something classy. You can stretch your dollar even further by breaking up the set and gifting it with a bag of local coffee or tea to two people.

Crystal Ice Cubes Mold — $25.00

Perfect For: That person who always feels the need to tell people what kind of whiskey they’re drinking, how much it cost, and how hard they had to search to be able to find it.

It gives people the perfect reason to ask about their drink without asking about the whiskey itself. 

Digital Alarm Clock — $25.95:

Perfect For: Anyone who still uses those ugly bulky alarm clocks instead of their phones

It doubles as a mirror and a charger. Plus it’s not heinous to look at.

Get Naked Rug — $25.97:

Perfect For: College students/graduates first apartment – or anyone who loves making a statement

There are few things I love more than a fun statement rug to liven up a space.

Acrylic Vase — $25.99

Perfect For: The chic minimalist.

It’s got a gorgeous shape that isn’t obnoxious, it’s got color but not *too* much color, and it looks perfect with no flowers, one stem, or a whole bouquet. 

Hand Bookends — $25.99:

Perfect For: Voracious readers

Let them display their favorite books in style instead of just cluttered on endless shelves with the ones they didn’t love as much.

Butter Crock — 26.95

Perfect For: That bougie friend who loves expensive butter slathered all over anything and everything.

They maybe even have a butter bin in their fridge full of different butters to taste test against each other? It’s me. I’m that friend. Really it’s also perfect for anyone who loves to cook, as it keeps room temp, ready to spread butter at the ready without the fear of getting some sort of strange food poisoning. They’d prefer marble? This one is fantastic too.

Cocktail Shaker — $26.99:

Perfect For: Anyone who’s working on creating their own bar cart/at home bar

Branch out from the basic and boring silver steel shaker by adding some color and pattern to their bar cart. Personally, I love the leopard print and the emerald green beauties.

Rapid Defrosting Tray — $26.99

Perfect For: Spontaneous dinner makers who don’t like to commit to a meat too early, or just can’t remember for the life of them to take the meat out of the fridge in the morning.

I don’t know who invented this, but they deserve an award. Meat defrosted an hour after getting home from work?! Genius!

Skull Glass Decanter — $27.00

Perfect For: People with well stocked bars.

Decanters are perfect for your booze loving recipient to create their own blends. They can mix all those almost gone whiskey bottles together in one gorgeous bottle, let it age, and have something that’s unique to them and their tastes in no time at all—making them feel like a master distiller without the need to actually know what they’re doing.

King Arthur Baking School — $27.55

Perfect For: Anyone who loves the Great British Baking show and wants to try their hand at some of the creations.

What’s great about King Arthur is that it breaks baking down into basics and explains why ingredients do what they do. This is a great primer of 100 recipes to get someone started on their baking journey.

Leather Valet — $27.99

Perfect For: People who are always losing their shit.

There are few things I hate more than the random stuff from my husbands pockets—that doesn’t go with my curated decor—ending up all across my styled surfaces. Does it look like the AirPods go with those coffee table books and glass Christmas trees?! Give them somewhere to put their shit that looks intentional and elevated.

Balloon Dog Sculpture — $29.48

Perfect For: Anyone who loves Jeff Koons, but can’t afford a $42,000 statue.

Another fun piece that the receiver can style in any room of their house for a piece that surprises and delights. I’m snagging one for my office.

Vinyl Album Mounts — $29.99

Perfect For: Music lovers—especially your friend who insisted on buying Taylor Swift’s Midnights vinyl album at Target four times so they could make a complete clock with it and can now display it beautifully on the wall. Or any fine art artist as a frameless and minimalist way to display their artwork.

French Press — $29.99

Perfect For: Coffee connoisseurs who also want to enjoy crafting their coffee every morning in a press that’s aesthetically pleasing and won’t hate when it’s left out on the counter for other’s to admire.

Pour Over — $29.99

Perfect For: Hipsters

Now they can really be cooler than everyone else with their own custom brews.

Frozen Cocktail Tumblers — $29.99

Perfect For: Mom’s who’s kids are in sports.

I’m not a mom, but nothing sounds worse than spending your whole weekend hauling all over town to watch kids have no idea what they’re doing while parents scream at referees for doing it wrong. They’ll love you forever for making it more tolerable by being able to bring frozen roadie soadies along for the ride (while someone else drives, of course).

Leather Plant Hanger — $29.99+:

Perfect For: (fake) Plant lovers with an organic aesthetic

Keep plants gorgeously displayed without taking up floor space, especially if they have poisonous to pets plants.

Under $50

Custom Neon Sign — $32.99+

Perfect For: Statement makers

Nothing quite catches the eye like custom neon. Help them add some fun to their space with a phrase they would love.

Black Raven Lamp — $34.99

Perfect For: That friend who’s a little *too* into Edgar Allen Poe. Or someone who likes eclectic stuff.

Compact enough that they can put it anywhere they need extra light, but doesn’t scream RAVEN LIGHT centerpiece.

Black & Gold Glasses — $34.99

Perfect For: Couples who love to entertain.

The selling feature is they’re not the same basic glasses you’ve seen a million times over. And not so fancy they can only use them once a year. They won’t even mind leaving them out on display on the bar.

White Noise Machine — $34.99

Perfect For: Light sleepers / people with partners who snore.

It’s aesthetically pleasing and drowns out traffic, neighbor’s parties, and partner’s snoring so everyone can finally get a good night’s rest.

Clear Acrylic Photo Frames — $35.67:

Perfect For: People who don’t want to let their farmhouse gallery walls go

Keep the gallery wall, but elevate it.

Kush candle — $36.00

Perfect For: Your stoner friend who’s about to get a job where they’re frequently drug tested

Smells like weed and makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside without causing them to fail a drug test. Win win!

Battery Operated Lamp — $36.99

Perfect For: neurodivergents who need things to be the path of least resistance or they won’t fuck with it.

Speaking from experience, I don’t love lamps 1. Because most are ugly and 2. I have to turn them on and off. It’s an additional step outside of my usual patterns that guarantees I’ll never do it. Or if I do do it, annoys the shit out of me that I have to turn it off. But THIS lamp is gorgeous, doesn’t have any ugly cords, and has a timer. A timer! So it automatically shuts off and no one needs to be digging around behind the nightstand trying to find the switch before they fall off the bed.

Black and Cream Pillow — $37.00

Perfect For: The homebody.

Who doesn’t love pillows? People who love to stay home on their couch while watching The Office for the millionth time especially love pillows for maximum comfort. Give them ones that at least look like they tried. 

Black Stoneware Vases — $37.52

Perfect For: That friend who’s always changing up their living room. This 3-piece set is both small and unique enough that they can make it work anywhere whenever the urge to completely reconfigure their house strikes. Plus, black goes with everything.

Rock n Roll Candle — $37.90

Perfect For: The edgy, yet chic friend.

It says edgy maximalist without going too far into tacky kitch when gifted sparingly.

Cocktail Smoker Kit — $37.95

Perfect For: Hard to please cocktail lovers

They’ll love getting to use the different wood chips to create different vibes for their favorite cocktails. The smoke adds that special something that really takes a drink over the top, plus the smoking process is just fun to watch.

Hip Bulldog Statue — 38.98

Perfect For: Eccentrics.

If this guy greeted you at the drop zone when you walked in the front door, you’d know you’re in for a good time with fun people.

BBQ Rubs — $39.95

Perfect For: BBQ enthusiast

It’s no secret that high quality spices can make or break a dish. It’s no different for BBQ. Help your BBQ loving recipient up their game with a variety of stellar rubs for their next cookout. 

Infused Salts — $39.99

Perfect For: Cooking Enthusiast / Foodie

Bougie infused salt makes food taste better. That’s just a fact. One second you have plain mashed potatoes, the next Black Truffle. It’s like magic, but tastes way better.

Charcuterie Board Set — $39.99

Perfect For: People who are outdoorsy in that they love frequenting wineries.

Now they can look profesh with everything they need for a day at the winery in one easy to store set.

Hand Casting Kit — $39.99

Perfect For: DIYers and Newlyweds.

Maybe not newlyweds as this project could test the bond of their fresh legally binding agreement in the same way IKEA furniture does, but DIYers will definitely love getting to make their own unique piece for the bookshelf that they can point out every time someone new comes over.

Shotgun Shell Decanter — $39.99:

Perfect For: Whiskey lovers who are also very into 2A

I’ve never seen a decanter like it, so it will definitely strike up a conversation with all their friends. 

Match Cloche — $40.00

Perfect For: Bougie pyromaniacs

We like matches conveniently at hand, to make us look like the classy broads we are—as we light candles of course. Definitely not just because we like the smell of burning matches + fire.

Glass bottle dispensers — $40.95

Perfect For: The kitchen aficionado 

What’s best about these is they’re clear so they contribute less to visual clutter when left out on the counter. Great to have bougie olive oil at the ready.

Nightstand Organizer — $43.99

Perfect For: Messy people.

Keep essentials contained and easy to find in either drop zones by the front door or nightstands in the bedroom. Your sanity will thank you when they stop asking where something is.

Stovetop Coffee Maker/Moka Pot — $44.08

Perfect For: Coffee Purists

Italian espresso without the need for a full blown espresso machine. Make it right on the stove top and only rinse with water to clean making it easy and delicious! 

Wood & Metal Candle Holder — $44.99

Perfect For: People with empty shelves. 

Styling with this is effortless and easy. Minimalist enough that they don’t even need to add anything else to the mix.

Diamond Decanter — $47.99

Perfect For: Home Mixologists

A conversation piece they can leave front and center in the bar area. Another option to use for creating custom blends from liquors they love.

Wood + Black Stone Cheese Board — $49.99

Perfect For: Mom’s who are still using any cheese board with a cutesy saying Rae Dunn would kill for.

Let’s elevate our serving game with a mix of materials that’s interesting, functional, and not obnoxious. Also works well for those who we’re trying to move on from the farmhouse everything aesthetic.

Grand Canyon Whiskey Glasses — $49.95

Perfect For: The outdoorsy friend who has a running list of national parks they’ve visited who also appreciates a good glass of whiskey on occasion

These are solid heavy-bottom short glasses that feature topography from the Grand Canyon along the bottom. The cuts both aerate the liquid and, if kept in the freezer, eliminate the need for rocks.

Under $100

Typewriter keyboard — $54.99

Perfect For: Aspiring novelists / Hemingway super fans

There’s just something about the typewriter click that’s immensely satisfying and makes anyone feel like a legit writer. Now they can embrace modern technology while they do it. 

Cheese board — $59.65:

Perfect For: The entertainer

Have you ever seen a more chic cheese board? I want it for the curved knife alone. They’ll be sure to impress their guests with this one.

Vodka Infusion Kit — $59.90

Perfect For: Home Mixologists

The best part about infusion kits is you get to create your own vodka without having to invest thousands into learning distillation. If vodka is their alcohol of choice, treat them to creating their own custom blend.

Pasta Rolling Pin Set — $62.00

Perfect For: Advanced Chefs / Pasta Lovers

Nothing is as good as fresh pasta. Ensure you’re invited to the next Italian dinner when you gift them rods that allow them to create all kinds of tasty pasta shapes that hold the perfect amount of sauce.

Tequila Tasting Kit — $62.99

Perfect For: Those who’ve suddenly realized there’s more to tequila than table salt, old limes, and shots.

Bring different agave based bottles like a mezcal or a sotol and you’ll really blow their minds with the flavored salts included in this kit.

Decorative Wave Candle — $65.00

Perfect For: Design Minded Person Who’s Particular About Their Decor

Light enough that it goes with everything, curved just enough to stand out.

Bougie Olive Oil — $66.60

Perfect For: Anyone Trying To Up Their Cooking Game

There’s just something about bougie olive oil that makes your dish not just taste better, but instantly feel fancy. It could be bread and olive oil on the couch in your pajamas, and with the right kind it feels like you’re at a Michelin 5 Star restaurant. 

Noise Cancelling Ear Buds — $79.00

Perfect For: Introverts. 

The noise cancelling is the real selling feature here. They get to wear gorgeous ear buds, can’t hear the kid screaming in the back of the plane, AND don’t have to make small talk with the person sitting next to them because they look like they’re listening to something important? Divine! 

Citrus Juicer — $82.50

Perfect For: Juicers + People Who Love Hyper Specific Yet Aesthetically Pleasing Kitchen Items

Citrus juicers are one of those things that I never think about until I need one. And then I’m not committed enough to go to the store to get one. This pricey beauty is one of those I would secretly love if someone would buy one for me so I could leave it out on my open shelves, but would never buy for myself. 

Architectural Digest Book — $85.99

Perfect For: Aspiring Designers

Endless visual candy and inspiration for curating spaces that feel and look amazing. 

Glass Wall Clock — $89.09

Perfect For: Minimalist design lovers

Look at this clock. Have you ever seen a more beautiful clock? Upgrade your recipient’s time-telling abilities with this gem.

End Grain Walnut Cutting Board — $97.70

Perfect For: Anyone who’s still using plastic cutting boards for anything other than meat

Give them a cutting board they’ll gladly leave out as a stunning centerpiece.

Portable LED Light — $99.99

Perfect For: Glampers, Artists, People Who Like To Watch Movies On The Balcony

Wireless, color changing, voice activated. Need I say more? I’m treating myself to one for my workspace.

Keurig Single Cup — $99.99

Perfect For: People who like coffee but don’t LOVE coffee – as in as long as it has caffeine in it, it will do.

Help them expedite their morning routine with a single cup Keurig that they can keep at work or at home.

Over $100

Espresso Machine — $118.99

Perfect For: People who spend way too much $$ on daily coffee shop runs

Help them help themselves by making their favorite pumpkin spice latte’s at home—exactly the way they like it.

Little Green Machine — $123.59

Perfect For: Pet Owners

Seriously, these should come with every dog or cat adoption.

Chunky Yarn Weighted Blanket — $139.90

Perfect For: Light sleepers

Literally no one needs another throw/blanket for Christmas, but this one serves a purpose. My weighted blanket helps calm my anxiety and keeps me asleep longer. Plus, its machine washable and aesthetically pleasing!

Dimmable Smart Lamp — $139.99

Perfect For: People who wish they had a lamp, but hate lamps

Honestly, I included this because its rare I find a lamp I don’t hate. And its voice activated.

Walking Pad — $232.00

Perfect For: Too lazy to work out, but wants to be healthier

Now they can walk and watch hours of reality TV. Win Win!

Marshall Bluetooth Speaker — $249.99

Perfect For: That one person who’s neurotic about sound and wants everyone to know it

Most Bluetooth speakers sound and look like shit. Seriously, who designs these things? Fix that by getting your audiophile recipient something that doesn’t make your eyes bleed when you look at it.

Vintage Tube Clock — $269.00

Perfect For: Anyone with taste

Every time I see an ad for this clock I get jealous I don’t own one yet. You’ll be the immediate favorite of whoever you gift this to.

Kitchen Aid Matte Black — $379.99

Perfect For: Treating Yourself

Just treat yourself already. The attachments alone will save you so much time in the kitchen.



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